Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Out and About, Vol. I

Last weekend I felt well enough to explore some antique shops. Hooray! If you are reading this blog, please take a moment to contemplate a day without physical pain. If you're not in pain, you might take it for granted. But I am here to tell you, that a day without pain is a joyous thing indeed. Tomorrow, if you wake up and you feel no pain, remember to feel grateful.

Don't hate me because I have a beautiful bag. A day of thrifting necessitates carrying a lovely bag. This one fit the bill just right. With my matching silver ballet slippers, I was just too cute.

First stop. My favorite vintage store.

They always have the best dressed mannequins. Dig that hot pink dress and orange shoes.

They have great pottery.

I've been looking for a good reading chair. I love the high back of this one. And I love the color. Those pillows look great with the purple. I don't like the wood on the arms, though.

Second stop. There's a new store in town called Big Fun. They buy and sell old toys. And they have a whole lot more - ahem - fun stuff.

They had a ton of cool stickers.

The ceiling was painted by local artists.

And two cute guys work there! The guy to the left has the most bitchin' dreads down to his ass. I was totally tempted by a Gary Baseman lunch box, not sure why.

Third stop. A new antique store. The guy has a fantastic collection of pottery. Needless to say - I was in heaven.

The big blue vase is a student piece. The speckled white ones tempted me greatly. But they are not really my aesthetic. But still, they are gorgeous...

Fourth stop. Pier one. Where I forced SNL to buy a ceramic bird for her bedroom. I felt very strongly that she needed it.

See what I mean? Isn't it cute? It was made in Vietnam.

I bought a cute little wooden box to keep my pink chopsticks in. Every girl needs pink chopsticks.


Lille Diane said...

Ohhhh I like what you like, too! Great Blog!

Peggy said...

Hi Lille! Thanks for visiting! Hope you come back often. I will take some time reading your blog this weekend - since I too am a perfectionist and a procrastinator.


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