Monday, July 27, 2009

I want to paint everything!

This weekend I wanted to paint everything in my apartment. Walls, floors and - yes - furniture. I adore painted furniture.

I've been thinking about painting my dining room table orange. I love orange tables! (See my previous post about orange tables here.) Those blue vases look great with the orange table top! I love blue and orange together. Image Emily Jagoda.

My little love seat is falling apart, and it was cheap anyway, so is ripe for experimentation. Maybe I should paint graffiti on it, or let my nephews mark on it. Something like this fab John Derian sofa.

Image from New York Times. How cool is that? I am by no means a purist and I love when children are allowed their natural creativity. Love the sofa, hate the rugs. I'd prefer to see the floor white. I'd love to paint my floors white, but I live in a rental.

I want to paint some canvases too. I adore the colors in these canvases and how they pop against the all white background.

Love those chairs! Image via Desire to Inspire.

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