Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My City

I'm not sure why, but I love Cleveland. I have dreams for her. I'd like to see her become a mecca for the arts.
Euclid Avenue is shaping up nicely. There are a lot of new street art pieces. I love the concrete flower holders.

About 10 years ago they built three - that's right three - new stadiums and a convocation center. That year all of the little shop owners in the arcades were forced out. The arcades have never recovered. Shop after shop remains empty. I miss those little shops.

It's a funny thing about empty shops. Sometimes a lone piece of art remains in the window. Such is the case with this cute teapot. Why is it there? Who put it there? A vestige in a ghost town.

That was also the case with this beautiful watercolor. It was in a window. To a shop that was empty. Around other shops. That were also empty.

Another strange phenomenon occurs when a shop is full of stuff, but it is never open. This shop looks interesting, but is a tease. It's never open. I need to rethink supporting Target.

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