Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Trip to Pittsburgh

Last Saturday SNL, my nephews and I took a day trip to Pittsburgh. What a great city! What a great day. And, of course, there were lots of photo ops.

Meet Hugh. He's the GPS who made sure we never got lost. What a miracle! I named him Hugh because he has a sexy Australian accent, like Hugh Jackman.

I enjoy Cleveland's erections in heavy saturation and extreme angle, so I thought I'd do the same with Pittsburgh's erections.

On the way to the incline.

On the hill by the ice cream shop.

Neighborhood on the hill.

Lately, every where I go I see Nick's name. We miss you, Nick.
Nora's sky. She was with us on the incline. We miss you, Nora.

John and Yoko were so ahead of their time. We need more people like them.

At the Hard Rock Cafe. Aren't these the coolest Barbies you've ever seen?

Taken while riding in the car. A Claes Oldenberg?

The side of a building.

Cool recycled art. These palm trees are made of steel and rubber.

There are lots of cool bridges.

I was having a lot of fun taking pictures from the car. We were on our way to Ikea. Stay tuned.

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