Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Love - or the Artist as Art

The editors of Creative Influences are pleased to announce the latest blogs to be added to our blog roll. We love art and are enamored with artists who live their lives as art. This week's edition of Blog Love finds us completely smitten by two artists, whose lives are a work of art.

We are totally crushing on Elsie a.k.a. Elise Cake. She is just too adorable! Her blog, entitled a Beautiful Mess is full of

Image from A Beautiful Mess.

Elsie is on a mission to make the world "sooo cute," and I am sure she can do it. If you are feeling down, read her blog - I guarantee it will cheer you up! Elsie is a prolific artist. I adore her graphic artwork.

How cute are these monsters she painted on an old school desk? From Elsie's flickr set.

I want this painting, but it already sold! Great work, Elsie. I will be adding one of Elsie's sweet widgets to my sidebar, because I am sucker for free widgets. Check out her shop called Red Velvet Art.

Meet Elsa Mora a.ka. Elsita, one hot mama. Mamasita is quite the fashionista!

and I adore her fashion blog, entitled The Hidden Seed.

Damn, the girl does create. Elsa's flickr set is an amazing demonstration of how prolific she is.

This installation piece is entitled Air Dress 2005. Fab!

She does cut paper. Recognize it? That's right - it's Frida Kahlo's necklace.

She paints. See her Etsy shop here. Is there nothing the girl can't do? As if that's not enough, she's got a new book too!

Elsie and Elsa, thanks for making the world a more beautiful place!


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