Sunday, July 5, 2009

I miss eye makeup...

Image Etsy user jkldesign.

I miss eye makeup. I haven't been able to wear it in about six months. Makeup is an art form, and above all else it is fun, not a requirement.

Images from Vogue Beauty. Collage by Peggy.

Above two images, flickr user kdavis5891.

Image flickr user Farl.

Above two images flickr user La caitlin.

Image flickr user neverletmego.

Image flickr user beverlybuttercup.

Images flickr user ya ye5

Whether I wear eye makeup or not - I am still a girl. I still like girly things. Here's a few things I bought to pick me up. A cute hat and purse.

And shoes in two basic colors - silver and gold.

Sometimes it's not easy being a woman. We forget that we are each beautiful in our own way. And that makeup and accessories are just fun, they are not part of who we are. The wonderful essay, "You don't have to be pretty," by Erin of A Dress A Day should be required reading for all women and girls. I've written about this subject and essay before (see previous post here). I wish I'd written it. Check it out. It will make your day.

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