Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sometimes I panic because I have too much stuff. I love objects, but I also love minimalism. I grow weary of the work things are.

I decided to spring clean this weekend. And I was ruthless. Why do I have so much stuff? I just don't need so much. Once I edit something, I don't look back. I thank it for serving me, but out it goes. So yesterday, I packed up some vintage vases and headed to a cute store in Lakewood called Deja Vu.

How compelling is this? There are treasures everywhere! I couldn't stop looking! The shop owner is a dear, and she totally gets me. That doesn't happen too often. By that, I mean she is a fellow creative. We can talk about art, decor, color, lamps, pottery, etc. for hours!
Her shop is divine, she is skilled at the art of display.

This is a hoop skirt with Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. How cute is that? Behind that are a few examples of the wonderful hook rugs she makes.

She uses lamps for display. On this one she has cleverly displayed clip earrings.

And a doily on this one.

I saw this cute original painting. Only $14.00. I love her, I may go back for her.

How sick is this? I'm trying to get rid of stuff and I keep looking at stuff! These things are tempting me. I've been thinking of doing more pink and blue in my apartment. I adore the ceramic swans. I could kick myself. My mother had a set of these when I was a child, I wish I'd kept them. I didn't like them then. I love the blue chair. She painted the pink table herself and embellished it with vintage beads.

She bought some of my vintage pieces, and what she didn't buy I donated to the Salvation Army, after all the Salvation Army has been very, very good to me.

My creative juices were flowing as I left the store, I just couldn't wait to get home. I'm definitely going more minimal. Stay tuned.

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