Monday, June 8, 2009

Stupid Obsessions, or the Search for a Perfect Pencil Cup

I can obsess about the stupidest things. Right now I am on the hunt for the perfect pencil cup. No ordinary pencil cup, mind you. It must be uplifting, positive, with just the right amount of whimsy, but not too cute. Maybe a little edgy. You know, something that will magically make me want to sit at my desk and write a best selling novel.

Here's the boring pencil cup currently on my desk, with the munny I've intended to paint forever, but am afraid to ruin. I love custom munnies. Oh well, he's kinda cute pink.

One of these painted ceramics from the House of Harriet these might do the trick :

I adore them. Thinking of ordering one, or two....

Now this is a happy mug! Designed by Silvia Portella.

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