Sunday, February 21, 2010

Creativity influences creativity

Today was a good day. My dear friend, Buddha, and I went to Starbucks. Then the vintage store, then the craft store. It's great to be around someone who understands me and values my creativity. When we get together, the creative juices start flowing. I tried not to buy too many things. Have you ever noticed that there is no shortage of beautiful things to spend our money on?
I bought a couple of cute, inexpensive flower pots. And discovered when I got home that I have yet another collection! Oh dear, I have a collection of flower pots. They are cute, though. I love the simple forms. Buddha and I have always talked about our love of color. I've spoken of my love for pink and she's spoken of her love for blue. Now I'm a convert. I love blue. She's a convert too, she loves pink.

I bought this blue bracelet at the vintage store. It was inexpensive and lightweight, almost like melamine. I love decorating with costume jewelry. I like these three pieces together because they are all vintage, from around the same time period.

I talked and talked about blogging, and how much I love it. It felt good, and I promised Buddha some pictures of a few of my favorite rooms, so here they are.

I want to paint my apartment this color! What a gorgeous blue, looks great with the pink sofa. Image via flickr user Retromod. Retromod has a great home. Lots of great mid-century finds, and wonderful colors.

Retromod is skilled at display. I think I need one of these hands for displaying my vintage bracelets.

Lastly, I promised Buddha I'd show her a room all done in blue. Isn't this gorgeous! I love monochrome. I love that painting. Image via House of Turquoise. My creative juices are flowing and it feels good. Excuse me, a canvas is calling.


casapinka said...

Isn't that the BEST feeling? it's such a treat when we find friend's like buddha! lovely photos.

Peggy said...

Hi Pink! I was just thinking about you and about to send you an email! Yes, isn't it great when someone "gets" us?

I know you know what I mean - it doesn't happen too often. That's what's so great about blogging. I've met fellow creative travelers like you!

Thanks for the kind words. xxoo


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