Monday, February 1, 2010

Square Peg, your curator, Vol. III

Hello dear readers! Square Peg, your curator, is here to offer another online gallery tour. Today's show is entitled, "Faceless." I am not sure why, but I have always been fascinated by paintings of faceless humans. Perhaps it's the mystery. And mystery is very romantic. Have a look at some wonderful faceless paintings.

Flickr user jjlcooterpie.

Tran Quoc Dat via art-in-heart. I love how the ladies in this painting seem to float. If you are lover of Vietnamese art, you will love art-in-heart. The site is very addictive, there is one beautiful painting after another.

I love this painting! So romantic. It looks like the couple is walking in the rain. There is a spiritual quality to this one, this couple is in their own world. Alone and together. Angel D'Amico.

Beautiful earthy goddess. Stunning paintings by Laura Carter. Laura's Etsy shop is here. Her blog is here.

Here is art at its best, because of its limitless possibilities. Intriguing piece entitled "Conversation" by Etsy shop owner JBEREMAN2009. I've always been fascinated by pieces where the bulk of the story takes place outside of the canvas borders. The ambiguity of this piece instantly pulls you in and forces you to use your imagination. What is going on here? Perhaps these are two friends - comfortable with each other - speaking quietly in a corner with a party going on around them. Perhaps these are two beings on a parallel universe - maybe ghosts - and there is an unseen human between them. If I return to substitute teaching I'd like to use this piece in an assignment. It would be a great exercise in perception to have the students write a story about what is going on here.

I'd like to start sneaking some of my own work into my gallery shows. I know it probably seems egotistical, but I enjoy seeing my work among the work of other artists who I admire. It seems to gain strength. These are couple of my photos. I enjoy photographing faceless mannequins, and enjoy reflections.

Lastly, as you know, any show I curate must have sculptural pieces. When I attend an art show, I am always taken with a desire to touch the pieces. I've always wanted to come up with a way to make a show interactive and tactile. I think it would be cool to have faceless busts on acrylic cubes. Pretty boxes can be placed next to the busts, in the boxes are wigs, glasses, necklaces and scarves so that attendees can play with dressing them. This would be a good way to examine adornment's role in emphasizing facelessness.
I hope you have enjoyed this online gallery. If you'd like to see more faceless art, please see my flickr gallery entitled "faceless (sort of)." This gallery is in process and touches on issues of being silenced and invisibility. Thanks for visiting! xxoo

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Great post. Love the artwork. Keep it up.


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