Friday, February 5, 2010

Processing ... the inspiration of a vase

I wasn't supposed to be shopping. But, there I was procrastinating on ebay when I should have been cleaning the kitchen floor. And there it was. This beautiful vase.

Too good to be resisted. Vintage Haeger. Beautiful shape. Gorgeous colors. Ahh. Pink and gray stripes. I had to have it. I started thinking about my color scheme.

Here is an excuse to add gray to my decor. I love the idea of pink and gray with a shot of turquoise. So I had to pull out my paints. Image by Peggy.

I started thinking about the beautiful gray pillow from CB2 that I've been coveting. It would look great with a turquoise pillow.

Or perhaps I could do pink, gray and purple. Here is another new painting with one of my vases. I can't wait for the vase to arrive! I am sure that when it does, it will inspire me to move things around in my apartment. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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