Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love of vases

Dear readers, you already know that I am in love with vases. My first love is ceramic and porcelain, but I also love glass. I've even started mixing glass and ceramic in display. Here is a collection of beautiful vases for your viewing pleasure. Some are private collections, some are contemporary, some vintage. Some are expensive and some not. As a bonus for pottery junkies like me, I'm sharing a couple of need-to-know fabulous contemporary ceramicists: Michael Hamlin-Smith and Richard Baxter. What do all the vases in this collection have in common? Their simple, sensual forms. Forms that begged to be touched. Hope you enjoy!
Flickr is a wonderful place to connect with people who share our enthusiasms. I enjoy seeing the collections of people who love pottery. Mad Modern is a flickr friend who has an eye for vintage modern pottery (and great lamps too). He says this collection is "like a crazy city scape in Flash Gordon." Groovy. Wish I'd said that. He's got a way with words. Check out his blog, which I am hoping he starts updating again. It's great fun. Love the pictures, love the clippy dialogue.

Richard Baxter. I met Richard on Flickr as well. Richard is a prolific potter. His matte finishes are gorgeous. He makes beautiful bowls in wonderful colors like turquoise and purple. Once on his website, it's hard to stop looking.

Michael Hamlin-Smith, is another artist I met on Flickr. I love Flickr! He makes beautiful vases in sensual forms with gorgeous soft finishes. I think I need to order one. I may have to admit to myself that I am collector.

Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg. These are vintage and expensive. Image via Freeforms USA. I love Lindberg's work, although I've never found a piece I could afford. I've featured his work before. See previous post here.

Another collector I enjoy on Flickr is ivy style33. Her decor is beautiful and soft. She has a knack for creating gentle vignettes like this one. I adore it! None of these pieces are very expensive, but they are all beautiful and work well together. Proof that beauty doesn't need to cost a lot. That said, I'm getting ready to show some expensive work. All gorgeous, but out my reach. It's fun to admire it though.

Glass works by Robert Kuo.

Holmegaard Carnaby vases. I adore these! I'd like to have a whole collection of them. I never see them at flea markets or thrift stores. LSA glass is much more accessible. But still, these are gorgeous. Image via Freeforms USA.

Large glass jars by Elizabeth Lyons Glass. Aren't these gorgeous? I'll take the pink one, please. If you are a collector of glass or ceramic vases, I'd love to hear from you. Maybe I'll feature your collection here. I'm always interested in the artful display of vases. xxoo

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