Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

Dear readers, I've been obsessing about bedroom decor lately. I think it's because I live in a studio apartment, and I really miss having a bedroom. A bedroom is a special place where we shut the door and rejuvenate. The only purpose for a bedroom is rest and love. TV, work and computers are best left out. I love all white bedrooms, pink bedrooms, luxurious bedrooms and stark bedrooms. I love unusual headboards and even no headboards! Have a look at some beautiful bedrooms. Hope you enjoy!
Oh how I love this bedroom. Let me count the ways. I love this color scheme, and as you know I love white floors! I am very intrigued by the large art over the bed. I wonder if it is a painting, or actually a large piece of lace. I love how the cut out motif is carried over to the rug and the ceiling light. Image via Living Etc.
Beautiful all white bedroom. Love the butterflies on the bedding. Image via Living Etc.

More white. More beautiful bedding. Linda Barker.

Love the red canvas above the bed. jjlocations.

Stunning simplicity. Interesting headboard. Love the rustic combined with the sleek table and lamp. Jenny Andrews Anderson.

Love the starkness of this room! Love those shades, love the gray walls. Apartment Therapy.

In my post below, I wrote about large paintings anchoring a room. I love the idea of a large painting instead of a headboard, and I adore this one. Like sleeping in a tree house. Also love the table and cute little black lamp.

I believe this is actually a sitting room, but it would also make a marvelous bedroom. Love the colors, and the white floor. Swoon. Have I mentioned I love white floors? Image via The Style Files.

The Style Files is one of my favorite blogs. This is the bedroom of Danielle, the author of The Style Files. Love when architectural features are used to anchor a bed. Love the simplicity of this room.

Another example of a canvas used instead of a headboard. Such gorgeous bedding! Love the colors! I love a simple room that is also luxurious.

Okay, this breaks my rule of no computer in the bedroom, but I love this room nonetheless. Love its airiness. Love the simplicity, love the clothes rack. Alvhelm via Desire to Inspire.

This is an early incarnation of the bedroom of Holly, the writer of Decor8 and haus maus, when she first moved to Germany. I'm sure she's made changes to it since I put it in my inspiration file, but I love the simplicity of this room. And dig that light fixture. Have you ever seen such a wonderful fixture in an apartment?

Divine. I've shown this room before, I absolutely adore it. Lucinda Symons.

Love the yellow headboard. Love the lamp. Love the casual way the bed is made, in contrast to the formality of the bed. Source unknown.

Love the bedding, love the enlarged photo, love the yellow table! Vanessa's New Oakland Digs via Apartment Therapy. I wonder if Vanessa got her bedding from West Elm.

I have been obsessing about this bedding. Also loving the bedding from Anthropologie I showed in a previous post.

Another sweet, simple bedroom with canvas instead of headboard. The lamp adds a classy look to the room. I love that lamp! Source unknown.

I have been saving this vase to have made into a lamp. I don't even know if it's possible. Please contact me if you have any tips. Doesn't it look amazingly like the lamp in the photo above?

What a beautiful room. Love the mandela over the bed, the lighting and the cute slipper chair. Image via Desire to Inspire.

I mentioned recently, that Shine is one of my new favorite websites. I adore their side tables! I could see this table used as nightstands in the room above.

Aah. You can never have too much pink. Marie Claire Maison.

I thought I'd throw in a bit of funky. I think this space age bedding is so cute. Of course, you'd have to have lucite shoes placed next to this bed. Images Von Murr.

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