Friday, February 26, 2010

Something Unexpected

Dear readers, I've been contemplating decor and color - that's nothing new. But for Spring, I'd like to add an unexpected piece to my decor. Something out of the ordinary for me. Something symbolizing new beginnings, which after all is what Spring is all about.

I've been noticing Haeger's famous panther. Maybe this piece would do the trick. To me it represents sleek, mysterious, feminine power. It's totally strong and sexy. As you know, I've been contemplating adding a few black pieces to my decor, so this piece would work.

There's a new user on flickr, who goes by the name Haegernerd. He loves Haeger and he's skilled at displaying it. He's the one who got me thinking about the panther.

I've mentioned Retromod's home before. I love the way she rocks vintage. Her collections are fab and she uses a restrained hand when displaying them. It's never too much. And her use of color is yummy. She's got the panther in her collection and I love it. See previous posts about Retromod's style here and here.
I'm going to have some fun with my decor for Spring. Fun colors, something unexpected, a little more glam and unapologetically girly. Stay tuned. xxoo


haegerguy said...

Love the blog! Would agree with the power of the panther. Haeger has been making this classic since the 40's free of the rinestone eyes and painted decoration, streamlined and sexy! Pure art deco!

Retromod said...

Hi Peggy!

Your blog looks great! I'm flattered that you like my house/retro style and that you added a couple of my photos to your blog. I'm now following you on Twitter:)



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