Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Posters Reconsidered or Graphic Art

In a previous post, I wrote my rules for decorating. These are simply my opinions and should not be taken too seriously! :) I'm very opinionated about decor. You'll find there are many opinions in the blogosphere. Take what you like, discard the rest. Each person has their unique perspective and isn't that fascinating?
After I wrote the post, I had to reconsider my stand on posters. I've noticed that there are times when I do like posters.

For example, I love promotional posters. This vintage poster designed by Bonnie MacLean is a stunner. I love the colors, and I am very fond of anything with peacocks on it. This poster would fit well in Bohemian decor.

In reconsidering posters, I thought about type. I love graphic art, and type definitely fits in this category. It wouldn't be fair to mention type without nodding to the great Alexander Girard. He's the father of type as art. Image via YLiving.
In examining graphic art and type, I found a lot of positive messages. The sweetness of the following works is undeniable. Having uplifting messages of love in your home certainly can't hurt.

Jessica Gonacha Swift. Jessica has a lot of beautiful art for sale in her Etsy shop. It was difficult to maintain the focus of this post and not show more of her art. I'll have to plan a post devoted to her work in the future.

I need this one in my office!

Above two images by The Love Shop. Click this link if you are feeling blue. Her motto is "Give Love, Be Happy." Nuthin' wrong with that.

A heartfelt message of unconditional love from Jessie of My Mod Style.

This one makes me smile. There's nothing better than perusing blogs on a rainy Saturday morning with a cup of Colombian coffee.

The above three screen prints by Jennifer Ramos of Made by Girl. Her Etsy shop is here.

Design by Dylan Fareed. Image 20x200.

Design by Tracy Jenkins, image via Village.

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