Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Getting Comfy

I adore all white interiors, and I adore pops of yellow and pink. I've written of my love for yellow and pink many times. Today while perusing Desire to Inspire, I saw the lovely home of Carolyn Quartermaine. I have posted pictures of her home before. (see previous post here)

I adore it! I have been thinking of this image all day! I couldn't get home fast enough tonight. It was a long, hard week. I knew I was in the mood for all white interiors with pops of pink and yellow. But it would have to be quick overhaul, because I am tired and just want to curl up. When I arrived home, I had a package from Thailand.

The pillow covers I ordered from Ebay are here! I breathlessly opened the package. At first I was disappointed.

They are not the ones I ordered. I wanted plain pink. Apparently they were out of them and the shopkeeper substituted. They left a note that if I was disappointed, they'd refund my money. I'm not really a pattern person, but they are kind of pretty. The fabric is absolutely stunning. Oh well, the price was some ridiculously low sum, something like $1.99 for the pillows and like $5.95 for shipping.

I pulled out some yellow and pink glass. Ahh. Just right for candle light. Throw the covers on the sofas, with pillows and blankets and voila! An oasis to curl up in. Nothing to think about tonight but candlelights, soft blanket, sofa and a movie. If I don't lie on that sofa soon, it's going to fly off into outer space. And don't look too closely, the floors are dirty. But there's always tomorrow.

I have a painting in mind, but for now I enjoy contemplating the blank canvas.

Excuse me, my jasmine tea is calling. TGIF!

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kim. said...

OMG I love this look! The pink is so pretty! Too bad about the pillows but they are nice. It's a bit of a change seeing some pattern in your place.


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