Sunday, February 8, 2009

Livin' My Life - Yesterday was a Good Day

Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I leisurely sat on my sofa, in my favorite sweats. Sipping my favorite Colombian coffee. I admired the way the sun was shining on a corner of my little apartment. It's been a while since I've seen the sun. I opened the window, and felt gratitude from my depths. Saturday. Ahhh. A whole day to myself, and the sun is shining. I held my arms out to meet the day and made the very logical decision to go thrifting.

On the way to the thrift store, I noticed there are now two houses on the hill. When did that happen? Every day, I speed by on my way to work, and missed it. Note to self: must slow down.

These are very close to being my dream home. In my fantasy, the house would be on a secluded beach, overlooking blue water. The ground level would be a drive-in garage, where I store my scooter, my bicycle and for longer journeys, my electric car.

The corridor makes the city look metropolitan. I've been attempting to get a picture of the new super-cool accordion-style bus as it rounds a corner. I first noticed these spectacular examples of public transportation, the Friday before Labor Day. I was at lunch, standing in a crowd all crooning in unison. "oooooo, aaaaaa...." The entire crowd had their heads upturned to the Blue Angels.

I'm kinda confused. I mean the Blue Angels are weapons of destruction and cost like about a zillion tax dollars, don't they? I was kinda mystified, no one seemed to notice the centipede-like bus rounding a corner. The new buses help people get to work more comfortably. Good design aimed at solving a problem or making life more comfortable, is much more fascinating to me than any war plane.

I don't care what anybody says about the city - yes it needs improvement - but I adore it. Beauty is everywhere. In the hands of artists and visionaries, Cleveland could become a mecca of art and culture. The city needs more than sports and tit bars. We have plenty of those, and people are still broke.

For some reason, I love to photograph Cleveland's erections in extreme angle. I don't know why. And I am addicted to high-saturation in Picasa. Lame I know, but I just can't help myself.

The Cleveland sky is a never-ending source of fascination. Changing moment to moment. I've been working on a 365 project of the sky. The project is kinda languishing because of well.... time. For more of my 365 project click here.

These skies have taught me an appreciation of the color gray. A color I never thought I'd use in my home.

I got this vase at the thrift store. $3.00. I adore its shape. And like all colors - it looks great with pink.

I am a perennial tourist in my city. I see art everywhere.

Sculptures. Stickers.

Kinda looks like a Pokemon.


And doors.

When I look at the small business, I come face-to-face with my hypocrisy. Supporting Target undermines the small shop owner. The city used to be full of them, now there are precious few. I miss those shop owners desperately. (At least I don't support Walmart.)

I cringe when I think of the creativity that is lost in the hell that corporate America has become. But I am instantly cheered up by this symbol of hope. It's omnipresence gladdens my heart.

What a great visualization. It would be cool to frame a bunch of these. Would even make a great Valentine's gift. For more of my peace sign photography, click here. And if you haven't checked it out yet, there's a cool blog called One Million Peace Signs.

I went to Chinatown and almost overdosed on Kawaii.

Amazing swan made of folded paper.

I thought I might buy a Hello Kitty. But, the sheer numbers of her made it impossible to decide! I made the logical decision to have a virtual Hello Kitty collection. Takes up a lot less room. But that Miffy clock is cute ... Would be fun to decorate a kid's room.

Saw this cute t-shirt. Maybe I should email this picture to Senator McCain.

Being single is just like being married. There are good days and there are bad days. Yesterday was a good day. I need a vacation. Think I'll plan a trip. To Chicago or Seattle. By myself.

For now, I need to stop procrastinating and clean my apartment.

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