Sunday, February 8, 2009

At the Thrift Store

Yesterday I went thrifting, and had a good time. Here are the things I bought:

Vintage trays. I always need trays. I love these! An orphaned blue milkglass cup and saucer. I wish they had a pair, but I will keep my eyes peeled for a mate. And pink chopsticks, because every girl needs pink chopsticks.

I bought a new purse.

Here are the things I didn't buy.

A pair of silver shoes. I got a serious thing for silver shoes. I probably would have bought these if one wasn't broken. I seriously considered buying them and placing the unbroken one on a shelf as art.

I've said it before. I'm glad I can't sew. I have enough obsessions. But wouldn't this fabric make a fab pillow?

No, this isn't a painting. It's actually the fabric of an evening dress.

It would make a great painting, though, wouldn't it?

Through the miracle of flickr, I learned that this tea set is by Larry Laslo (see flickr user Studiosmith). I consternated over this set. Love it, but it doesn't really go with my current aesthetic. I'd like to buy gifts for the bloggers who have enriched my life. One of those is Anna, at Door Sixteen. I think this would look great in her home. For now, it's a virtual gift.

It was a good day. Now I need to rearrange my apartment. Stay tuned.

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studiosmith said...

Have I maybe, possibly, in the slightest way enriched your life with my blog?



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