Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paintings from 2009, so far

So far 2009 has started off a little more prolific for me. In fact one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more creative. But these are only the paintings that I'm happy with. I've broken one of my rules a lot of late. I've been destroying a lot of my work.

Dedicated to Bob Dylan. 24" x 30", acrylic on canvas. I've written about this painting a number of times. I'm kind of sick of seeing it. This is one of those paintings that I couldn't stop piling on the paint. Hence, the unintentional eyes and vaginas I spoke of earlier. There is a lot of movement in this painting. Movement is one of my common motifs.

Untitled, 24" x 24", acrylic and marker on canvas. I don't know what's going on here, except that Jamie Drake had me all excited about purple. Maybe I've been looking at too many Pokemon characters lately.

"Dance of the Pink Booties under the Cancer Moon," 24" x 30", acrylic on canvas. Inspired by a Hindu rug in an old film I saw, and the beautiful full moon we had in January.

"Dance of the Pink Booties under the Cancer Moon, II", 24" x 30", acrylic on canvas. I think this is my favorite painting to date. Even though I adore piling paint on a canvas, it is my more simple paintings that please me. However, these are not as easy to achieve as they look, as I get caught up in perfectionistic tendencies.

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