Friday, February 6, 2009

Display as Art

I've often heard people say that minimalism is hard. It's not true! Having stuff is much more of a challenge. It's not enough to be a collector of beautiful objects. To avoid the look of clutter, collections must be cohesive and displayed well. Here are some examples of skillful display. Hope you enjoy!

212box. I adore this minimal display! I wish my hand were this restrained.

Aqua Vitae. I love this! I dream of an open kitchen.

Flickr user Badgurl. Love how she grouped the glass by color.

Chez Larsson.

Duarte via flickr user Beautymist (link below).

Flickr user Katisworld. Katis has a wonderful home. If you love midcentury modern - done well - then you must check it out.

Flickr user Beautymist. Painting by Beautymist. I adore it! I also adore the stones in her display.

This is Nancy Bauch of White Forest Pottery's store. Isn't it absolutely heavenly! I may have to make the trip. Nancy has a new blog, if you are a pottery lover, you must check it out (link).

Multiples of one item make a wonderful display. I love the way lamps are used as art in this apartment! They are afterall, well, art. I love lamps almost as much as I love pottery. Dan and Amy's Chinatown Home via Apartment Therapy.

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