Monday, November 11, 2013

Square Peg, Your Curator: Gray

Today's tour in my virtual gallery is all about gray.  My love for gray developed over the years of living in Cleveland. The Lake Erie sky is always changing, always so beautiful. Especially when it's gray. Gray is easy color on the eyes and very soothing. Gray is a wonderful color to use in your environment if you are living an overly stimulated, harried life. Decorate with gray and come home to rest and relaxation. So you live in a rental, you crave gray and you're not allowed to paint? Make a statement with art. Create a serene, mysterious, romantic and ethereal environment with gray art work.

Photo of Cleveland skyline by Peggy

Dreamy island paintings by Haley Litzenger

Image source unknown, please contact me if you know this photographer

Above two etchings by 88editions

Reductive Gray Landscape by Matthew G. Beall

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