Monday, November 18, 2013

New Art

I've long been fascinated by hand made paper art.  A new fascination for me is origami and faceted paper works.  I'm planning a post on this topic in the near future, in the meantime be sure to check out my Art/Sculpture pinterest board.

This weekend I decided to experiment with a technique I actually learned in grade school. I had the most amazing art teacher in elementary school - I still remember many of the projects we did and I still use many of the techniques she taught us. One of which was wetting paper and gently crumpling it. Next you carefully uncrumple it and lay it out to dry. We used this technique on brown paper bag to make paintings that looked old. But it works on any type of paper, and is a great trick if you want texture in your work. For these two pieces I used plain old poster board. This was fun so I'll probably do more of these.

After pasting pieces together, I painted them with watercolor. Whenever I am painting the sky, I still think of the beautiful Lake Erie Sky and get a little homesick. I hung the second work over my sink, since I have no window in the kitchen. I dream of a vacation to a faraway, restful place. Now when I wash my dishes I have a tool to help me visualize.

Each piece 8" x 10", water color on paper, 2013.

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