Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love color.  But one color especially.  Pink.  I've loved it all my life, I never tire of it.  If I don't have pink in my environment, I'm not happy. I love all shades of pink. Pale pink looks great with hot pink. Want to convince your husband to paint your walls pale pink? Then add masculine touches, like lamps or large graphic art. Or add gray, black or brown and something metallic or industrial. Or all of the above! As I've said a million times, pink is not strictly a girly color and can be used in a thoroughly modern way

Pale pink looks great with metallic punches as this gorgeous room proves.  Image via Eurostyle Lighting.

Seemingly disparate objects are brought together skillfully in this sitting room.  A pop of pale pink on the ottoman adds a luxury.  A metallic touch comes from the beverage table.  I love the scale of this room.  Low scale balanced by a large work of art.  And dig those white floors.  Swoon.  Image Suzanne Kasler via Mr. Goodwill Hunting.

I've shown this picture before, but it fits in nicely here.  Love the gray accent wall with the pale pink sofa and white floors.  I am itching to paint a gray accent wall!  Image vtwonen.

You can add a small amount of pink by using pillows.  This decorator has gone a little further by adding pink curtains, which look gorgeous in the sunlight.  One of my favorite color schemes - gray, pale pink, aqua, black and white - is done very skillfully in this room.  Metallic touch added with coffee table.  I love that the top is glass so the beautiful rug can be viewed to full advantage.  The room reads soft, yet has graphic punches from the cross pillow, striped pillows and large art.  A fine achievement in modern, sophisticated decor.  Suzannah & Jason's Did-it-themselves Townhome via Apartment Therapy.

Pink looks great with gray.  Here a hint of hot pink from the pillows adds drama to the gray headboard, perfecting balancing feminine and masculine elements.  Even though the pink is bold the overall look is soft. Also Suzannah and Jason's Tomehome.  Really, you must check out this home tour, it's fabulous!

Reminds me of a home on the French country side.  I love the look of all white furniture and pink walls.  The look is not overly fussy or girly because the floors are rustic.  Great balance.  Room designed by the great John Coote.

Still afraid of what the hubby will think of pink?  Just add a pillow.  This pink pillow from Urban Outfitters looks great on this masculine tweed sofa.

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