Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Color Lab

My apartment is my lab.  It's where I experiment with color.  I love changing the look of my place on a whim, and on a dime.

The Influence...

Have you seen the latest CB2 catalog?  It's so gorgeous!  The Rue Petal sofa designed by Jannis Ellenberger has me swooning!  It has a mid century vibe and is in a perfect pale pink!  I'll take two please!  I adore the presentation of the sofa here.  Love the large gray pillow,  Love the juxtaposition of the industrial chic capitol pendant lamp with the ethereal wall hanging by photographer Debbie Carlos. The wall hanging is soft and gentle, and provides the illusion of a window. Genius!  I commend the stylists and photographers of this shoot.  It's simply stunning.  I must admit, however, I am not in love with the rug.  But the rest of the shoot is so beautiful it doesn't really matter.

I could not stop staring at this photo.  I knew I wanted to experiment with these colors in my place.  I have a small stash of sheets stored in my ottomans, so decided to change the look of my living room (again).  Voila, I have a beautiful coral pink sheet set, and I have a big gray body pillow.  Both bought on the cheap (of course).

Here's what I came up with.  I love the color combination of coral pink, gray and turquoise.  This was a fun experiment, but it was clear that it would not work in the long run.  I want a new rug, but everything I like is way out of budget.  I hate the carpet in my apartment, I miss wood floors.  I do love these colors, but I dismantled the experiment after I photographed it.  I like the body pillow in my bedroom.  I use it as a headboard.
Here's a little vignette I did in the kitchen, also experimenting with these colors.  I love pink, black, gray and white together.  This was a fun experiment and set the tone for a bunch of other color experiments.  I knew I wanted to use gray prominently to make my place cave like for the winter.  It took a while to hit on the right arrangement.  In the next post I will show you more of my color experiments. Stay tuned.

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