Friday, November 15, 2013

My Apartment .... For Today

I love experimenting with color in my apartment.  I change my accessories on a whim, and I do it on the cheap.  For Winter, I'd like to create a cozy, dark romantic girl cave.  I'd love to paint a gray accent wall! Here's a look at some happenings in my apartment....for today.  I'm contemplating a couple other changes.

Here's how it looked yesterday.  I know the rug is not scaled properly, and even though it's pretty something about it bugs me.  Maybe it's because I can't keep it straight.  Maybe it's the fact that I hate carpet.

I'd love to have a new sofa - the Rue Petal Sofa from CB2 to be exact - but it's just not in the budget.  I wanted my sofa to be more padded and comfy, so I bought a memory foam pad and put it under the cover. Big deal, I know, but I'm not very good at DIY, so this is an accomplishment for me!  And it is really comfy. Almost too comfy.  If I lay down to watch a movie, I'm asleep in five minutes!

Here's the living room without the rug.  I like it better.  Looks a little cleaner.  I'm not much of a pattern person.

I decided to use the rug in my bedroom, which is such a luxury!  It's so comfy on my feet when I get out of bed.  Here's a secret:  I hate making my bed so this is how I do it.  I have pretty bedding and pillows and I just throw them on.  Good thing I embrace imperfection.  I love the low scale of my bed.

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