Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Apartment....For Today

My apartment.  It's small, it's humble, it's noisy.  But I love it (except for the carpet).  True, I wish I could paint it, but it's still my place.  My personal space is very important to me.  I love changing the look of it with accessories. After looking at the post below, I decided my living area looked too busy so I decided to lighten it up a little. When I make changes,  I never spend much money. Oftentimes, I am just pulling stuff I already have from my closet.  I want my place to be girly, with an edge.  And I want it to be simple and uncluttered.  I love beautiful things, just not too many.  Too much stuff makes me nervous.  And - oh yeah - you can never have too much pink!

 These photographs were taken today in the early morning sun.  My place is often drenched in sunlight.

Eastern morning sun drenching my kitchen.  I used to have 100s of books, now I have just a few.  I like having them below eye level.  Even though I love books, I don't like all the busyness from all the colors.

Three pink vases.
Gray tea set by ASA Selection.  I got this for $3.00 at the Goodwill!  Score!

Two new little paintings in the kitchen.

My bedroom.  I hate making my bed, so that's as good as it gets.  Luckily, I don't mind imperfection.

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