Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Color Lab., Vol. II, Failed Experiments

My apartment is where I experiment with color.  I love changing my accessories - the sofa cover, vases and pillows - on a whim.  Sometimes I am happy with a look and I live with it a while.  Until it's time to change it. I've been working hard on getting my apartment just right for Winter. I want it to be an edgy, romantic, girly cave. But I also want it to be simple, yet comfy.  It's all about balance.

Decor is all about balance.  Sure you want beautiful things, just not too many.  Clutter just won't do.  And there's no such thing as a mistake.  It can always be changed again, so don't be afraid of failure! My experiments often lead to several "failed" looks before I hit on just the right balance.  Here's a few of my recent failed experiments.

This look is clearly too much.  Although I must admit, that the pop from the chartreuse pillow is fab.

I love the coral pink cover, so decided to pair down the look.  This look is much better, except for the carpet - yuk!  Nothing worse than rental carpet.  I miss wood floors.  I can see this look with wood floors and gray walls.

Here's an experiment with my new gray quilt that I got on the cheap from Big Lots.  Nah.  Too much, and I like seeing the sofa's legs.  Friends often mistake my sofa for a futon!  Not so, it's a vintage Danish modern sofa.  The fabric the cushions are covered in is an unfortunate microfiber. Microfiber is one of my least favorite fabrics. Don't let the furniture store talk you into microfiber - it itches!

This is closer to what I what to achieve, probably my favorite of this round of experiments.  I always prefer a more streamlined look.  Really loving gray.  That table is bothering me.  I love low scale.  If this table's going to stay, I need to have its legs shortened.  Though I had a lot of fun with these experiments, none of these looks made the final cut.

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