Wednesday, May 29, 2013

lamp tramp and orange crush!

hello dear readers!  i have a very special edition of lamp tramp today!  as you know, the term "lamp tramp" was coined by the fabulous kim.  (kim coined another of my favorite terms:  "chair porn.")  as you know, i have been following kim since the early days of blogging - actually since before i even knew what a blog was. i discovered kim's love of design/decor on apartment therapy's color contest and followed her on flickr.  kim and i have always shared a love of vintage objects, art, color and, ahem - lamps!  kim had a lamp in her home that i coveted.

i mean look at it. drool.  i believe i first noticed this lovely when she painted the entry way in her first home orange.  man, that's why i love blogs!  i love watching how styles evolve.  kim's style has always been and still is - fabulous.  i teased kim over the years that i needed that lamp.  and guess what?  the lamp is now sitting pretty in my humble abode!  that's right - this lovely traveled from ottawa, ontario to akron, ohio. thoughtfully packaged, it arrived in perfect condition.  thank you so much kim!  it's so my style.  in fact, kim told me she always knew the lamp would be mine when she tired of it.  in my humble opinion, kim has one of the most fascinating collections of lamps on the web.

you know how it goes, when something new comes in. i had to rearrange with the new lovely addition.  here is the lamp in my humble abode!  i love it!  i adore its scale.  i've been wanting a lamp with a tall shade for quite some time.  i dearly love that the base resembles pottery.  it's perfect.  (for previous incarnation of my living room, click here, that lamp is now in my bedroom.)

since the shade is such a fabulous pattern, i decided to get a little crazy with patterns.  that's the great thing about throw pillows they can be changed on a whim.  man, i am missing my big orange pillow.  i feel like this spot needs a hit of orange.  i sold the big orange pillow at a yard sale.  oh well.  have you ever done that?  sold something and then wish you had it later?  (if interested in seeing my big orange pillow, click here).

i do have a cute new pop of orange, though.  this vase was a mothers' day present.  it's from home goods, and i love its luster.

speaking of orange, i'd love to do an accent wall.  i love the orange accent wall in this room.  i could also use that chair, that coffee table and ottoman.  groovy.  that pretty much sums up how i feel about my new lamp, it inspires me. and it's totally groovy.  kim, thanks for always being an inspiration! 


kim. said...

i knew it would look awesome in your pad! glad it could go to a good home.

Haley Litzinger said...

Your place looks amazing!!!


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