Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fabulous Color Scheme: Pink and Gold!

if you are a long time reader, you already know of my love of metallics.  especially silver. and, it goes without saying that it looks great with pink.  everything looks great with pink.  lately, i've taken a second look at gold. i've been seeing it every where, and i must admit i love it!  pink and gold are a great combination, can be masculine or feminine.  gold provides just the right amount of edge to calm down the sweetness of pink.

this pillow is what started the obsession.  isn't it fabulous!  it's soft and sophisticated, but graphic too.  i think i need this pillow in my life. (i can't remember where i got this image, maybe etsy? my bad. i will experiment with google images to see if i can find this.)  the room below is very feminine, maybe a tad too sweet.  this pillow would look great in this room by providing just the right amount of graphic punch.
as you know, i'm not usually a wallpaper fan, but I do love the softness of this room.  and the gold lamp - well - fabulous.  just what this - almost too frilly - room needed.  image via house to home.

i've showed you this apartment many times.  it is still one of my favs.  love the use of outdoor furniture.  soft simple, not too girly.  dig that saarinen coffee table.  and those pillows.  i need them.  if i were to do wallpaper, this is how i would do it - a panel.  hmm.  i have an idea......this is the apartment of the fabulous caroline quartermaine.  see previous posts of ms. quartermaine's apartment here.

oh man.  drool.  gold sofa.  check.  pink and purple pillows.  check.  hanging bubble chair.  double check.  a fab sitting/waiting room out side a fab home office.  image  angelita bonetti via desire to inspire.

i've shown this gorgeous image before.  dig that painting.  dig that hanging light.  i think i need those (in addition to the pillow above).  this room is, of course, designed by the fabulous Kelly Wearstler.

not wallpaper - but painted!  how fabulous is that?  i'd never have the patience.  love the modern white desk juxtaposed with the chair.  a lovely, modern glam office.  it'd be great fun to watch how the wall looks with the changing sunlight.  really dig that chandelier too.  having severe office envy!  image shalyn's paint it gold workspace via apartment therapy.
some people are just so darn skillful at vignetting.  i'm a little worried - i am becoming attracted to kitschy items, like the glove mold above. as you know, it's a constant balance. a love of objects, and a love of sparseness.  i had an opportunity recently to buy some over sized, vintage glove molds - the kind they used to make outdoor and fishing gloves. on the cheap.  i am kicking myself now.  i wish i had bought one.  i love it used as sculpture. oh well, i'm trying to keep my hoard to a manageable level, and i'm still a lover of simplicity.

that's what i love so about the room above.  it's simple, got vintage elements, graphic elements - dig the big 16.  simple touch of pink and gold in the candle.  and look at those pillows.  hot damn.  i need those.  can you believe this talented girl made them out of insulation!  she needs to open an etsy shop.  image my attic (a fabulous blog, if you haven't done so, do check it out).

i love this room!  this is another home i've showed you a number of times, but different rooms (i'm going to try to contact fab lady to see if she will do home tour for me, i believe she is a curator from the UK, i will update when i find out).  just how fabulous does this sofa look with those pink walls?  too fabulous, that's how.  metallic sheen from the pillows.  check.  and lovely lady in royal blue dress and shoes, check. yeah, you know what it is.  image via house to home.

don't worry if you are afraid to add a little pink and gold bling to your home.  you can always experiment with one small piece.  here's a great example.  cute tiny bowl from upintheairsomewhere.

remember to always have fun with your decor.  there's no such thing as a mistake. and, as always, please contact me if you make an etsy purchase due to reading this post.  i love to make sure artists are properly credited.  thanks for reading!  have a fabulous day. xo


Jessie said...

Pink, white and gold are the colors in my bedroom. If I could ever find a dresser at the thrift store, I could finish decorating it. :( As soon as I NEED something from the thrift store I can't find it. I do not like new furniture at all. You should try to paint something with metallic paint. You could even paint a pillow. :)

Peggy said...

oops - i need to look at your bedroom again. i remember the pink walls.

i have been dying to silver leaf. my brother did a bookcase and it is fab!!! i'm trying to get him to give it to me.

i'm doing some yellow in my bedroom and want to paint a dresser in yellow. i have a small room, so want a tall, skinny dresser. saw one at the goodwill - $5.00! by the time i got a truck it was gone.

i love the idea of painting a pillow. i've painted lampshades before.


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