Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shout Out!

big shout out to Charles Ramsey, a modern day hero.  i walked to the dollar store today, and studied the poster of a young, lovely missing girl.  i  prayed that she have a Charles Ramsey, just a little quicker.  :)  dear readers, i believe in the power of prayer, so please give a prayer to the lovely young girl who is missing in Akron, Ohio.  sorry, can't remember her name.  i'll update if i remember.
can't believe this happened near where i used to live!  i have friends who know the perps! and chuck, i'm glad you're getting your 15 minutes.  i hope you get major dollar bills out of this.  baby, stay humble and don't get overwhelmed by your sudden fame.

i am going to make Shout Out! a regular feature on my blog.  stay tuned for lots of exciting announcements to come.  so much to tell you.  so little time.  hope you are have a good day like our hero!  xo


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