Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Hot Mamas' Day

happy mothers' day to all the hot mamas, aunts, grandmothers, shoot. i'm renaming this holiday to:  "happy  hot mamas' day!"  women are such amazing, complex beings. capable of multi-tasking that seems impossible.
and just 'cause you're a mom doesn't mean that you are not fabulous.  we are all fabulous, in our own way.   image source unknown. 

and speaking of a fabulous woman, there's my sister-in-law. if you've been a long time reader, you know that i write about her frequently.  often referred to as SNL.  here she is being her usual fabulous self.  not only is she a powerful business woman, with a demanding job and a seasoned traveler - she is a mother of two geniuses, has a lovely home and a fabulous husband. oh yeah - and she's a marathon runner.  it doesn't seem physically possible to balance all she does.  and she always looks good doing it!  you go girl!

yesterday she ran a stiletto race in akron.  hilarious!  to see the newspaper article (which includes video!) click here.  to see a previous post about a promotion she received, click here.  SNL has taught me a lot of lessons.  one of which i will be repeating here over and over.  we are all fabulous in our own way.  just because someone else is fabulous, does not diminish your own fabulousness.  isn't that wonderful?  that means we never have to deal with that soul sucking emotion called jealousy.  so freeing!

 i just had to show you the trophies!  aren't they - ahem - fabulous!

lastly, since i promised. here is a photo of me.  this is a few years old, and my hair is much longer now.  i am not a biological mother, but i am mother/grand mother to many, including nephews, nieces, cousins and to my adopted daughter, Haley, who i wrote about below.  i hope to adopt a furry four-legged child in the near future. she will, of course, come from a rescue facility.  please note that my eyes are not closed.  this is one of the unfortunate symptoms of the rare illness that plagues me (we'll talk more about this later). my eyes swell. this is actually a good day. sometimes i have a pity party, because i dearly love and miss eye makeup.  i told ya, i'm old and fat.  but guess what?  i'm still a girl, and i still find ways to enjoy girly stuff.  so, in other words, i am still fabulous.  and so are you.  happy day to fabulous women all over the planet!  xo

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kim. said...

Hey you! You're not old and fat for crissakes. And OMG I totally think you should try bangs. You've got to post a recent pic of yourself sometime so I can check out your hair as it is now.


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