Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a fabulous idea to steal...

okay, so you want to make a change to your boring room.  or maybe you want to lighten up for the summer, you can put away your heavy throws for now.  perhaps you want to experiment with a new color scheme.  or perhaps you'd like to experiment with texture or pattern.  you don't need to spend a fortune on new things. how about adding some beautiful fabric?  a scarf - thrown over a chair, draped over a lamp or even the sofa - can add a shot of color and romance.

i use scarves to help satisfy my addiction to textiles, and particularly love shimmery, gossamer ones.  here's a beautiful scarf that would do the trick.  in one of my favorite color schemes at the moment:  pink and gold (see post below).  this would even make a beautiful table runner on a romantic evening.  or if you are feeling particularly frisky, how about greeting your man at the door wrapped in this silky fabric - wearing nothing else!  oooh la la!  the possibilities are endless!  great style does not have to cost a lot.  just remember to have fun.  image via alamodern.

as always, please contact me if you make an etsy purchase due to reading this post.  i love to make sure artists are properly credited.  thanks for reading!  have a fabulous day. xo

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