Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fabulous Green Haired Lady Making Spectacles

this post is lovingly dedicated to my fabulous nieces, maggie and abbey...

today the stress was inordinate.  honestly, i'm worn out from the struggle.  i decided to unplug, and walk.  i prayed, remembering to breathe.  hugged trees and remembered that i am god's conduit.  my goal in life is to love unconditionally, without judgment.  you know, dear readers, approaching the brink and having nothing can actually be a gift.  there is nothing that can be taken from me.  i am no longer afraid, indeed can no longer afford the luxury of silent complacency.  and if i can save even one person from the stinging indignity that i have suffered, i can rest easy.  feel free to send prayer requests.  if you are: an abused woman; being crushed by the weight of sallie mae or social security; or any other social injustice feel free to contact me.  my inbox is filling up quickly these days - and i am grateful for that.  it may take me some time to get back to you, but i will do my best.

okay, now to hell with all the pithy whining and moaning.  let's have some fun.  that's right, i want to change the world, but i want to do it with grace, beauty, humor and kindness.  i'd like to introduce a fabulous woman i recently discovered on one of my favorite blogs, doe deere blogazine.  doe's blog is addicting and  empowering.  my favorite:  feminine with an edge. and unapologetically so.  it's all i can do not to post every picture, i can't get enough.  doe is too too fab. if you are down, feeling misunderstood, excluded or geeky, remember at all times that you are fabulous, and check out doe's blog.  doe reminds us to honor our eccentricity at all times.  her blog is like therapy and tons of guilt-free fun!

meet the lovely, fabulous and multi-talented model, natasha lillipore.  as you can see the girl rocks green hair!

she's so fabulous, i had trouble selecting only a couple images.  not only is she gorgeous, but she's a talented business woman. she is the owner/artisan of the shop her tiny teeth.  natasha sells one-of-a-kind spectacles that she has lovingly made by hand. i need several pairs!  i'm going to contact her to see if i can get frames without lenses, so i can put prescription lenses in them. oh gosh, not sure how i would choose which ones!  i may need several.  if you like what you see, you better contact her soon, i have a feeling she's going to get so busy she's going to need to hire an assistant (if she already hasn't).  natasha, you go girl!  thanks for being an inspiration.

and dear readers remember, i am fabulous and so are you!  xo


Jessie said...

You really don't see green hair often. She is so beautiful that her hair could be any color!!! ;) The glasses are really cool. I need to do what you do,...when I'm stressed I should go for a walk. It really does help. Especially while the weather is nice. I dread the winter months already. Because once I felt the warmth of the sun again I realized how much I missed it. Getting outside is so important. Have a great weekend!

Peggy said...

hi jess, you are doing really well with biking! right now my ass is too big for a bike, but hoping to have one (a smaller ass and a bike :)) next summer!

the only exercise i like is walking or swimming, and don't have access to a pool :(

i think you'd look great in green or blue hair! you look great in pink hair. fun post about hair coming soon....

kim. said...

OMG this chick ROCKS!


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