Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fashion Fun!

Welcome to our Friday Fashion Extravaganza!  It's Friday!  Why not put on something that makes you feel fabulous and grab a bite or a drink with someone you love.  Let's get this party started!

Your face is your canvas!  So why not have some fun with color or monochrome as the mood strikes you.  I am particularly in love with pink eye shadow, white eye shadow and glitter!  I like to play up either the eyes or the lips so they don't compete.  If I do a bold lipstick color, I use a neutral shadow.  If I use bold eye shadow, I use lighter lipstick.  These are just preferences, there are no rules!  We are all fabulous in our own way.
Love glittery eyeshadow.  Love the winged eyeliner.  Not that good at applying it, but working on it.  Image the fabulous Promise Phan.

Love bright orange lipstick with neutral eyes, gorgeously lined.  Image source unknown.

This girl is rockin' those specs, that hat and blue lipstick.  Image via Her Tiny Teeth.

Love the pink monotone.  Image via Wedding Beauty.

Ah.  Porcelain pink perfection.  This is my favorite look today.  I may try this.  I know it's photo shopped, but you can't deny that it is exquisite.  I have finally come to embrace my pale skin.  Only took me 52 years.

Caution digression alert!  A quick word about fake tans, if I may.  I don't mean to rankle any feathers, but IMHO they are not attractive. I can tell one a mile away, they are a strange color, not natural at all.  Sorry folks, the sun is dangerous.  I know it's sad.  But it's true.  So what's wrong with being the color you are?  All skin colors are gorgeous, even pale white. Your natural skin color is softer and less high maintenance looking than a fake tan.  Again, I'm an advocate of having fun, doing what makes you comfortable, but also of self-acceptance.  I am proud to say I love my pale white skin.  That was a long hard battle, I used to be teased ruthlessly at the swimming pool, and adults to this day try to talk me into going into the claustrophobic monstrosities also known as tanning beds.  They're just not for me. I'm pink and I'm proud. End digression.

If you need to change colors, how about doing it with your hair?  At least that's only temporary.  It's so fun to change to reflect a new attitude with a new 'do.  And if you make a mistake, it grows back.

I think about hair constantly.  Sometimes I think I should have become a beautician. I've worn every variation of the bob there is, and still find the bob to be my favorite.  I like my hair long and one length.  I've had it layered and I've had bangs, and I don't like either.  I love to let my hair air dry, it feels fresh and silky.  After much experimentation, I find that long hair is what I feel comfortable in.  It's a part of who I am.  And I don't give a shit that people think I am too old for long hair.  Nor do I give a shit that my hair is considered too fine by some experts to be long.  What's wrong with being a natural blond?  Nothing.  What's wrong with being a bottle blond?  Nothing.  The point is, it's fun to be a girl no matter what age, and you should do whatever makes you feel your most fabulous.  I sometimes envy girls who can rock a spunky short 'do, but I'm not one of them.  I am obsessed with all the new colors and dipping techniques.  
Love this dipped look.  This 'do is calling my name.  But, I just can't get with a high maintenance cut/color right now.  But once I win the lottery.... Oops, sorry again image source unknown.  I'll investigate and update.
Really cute twist on the ombre treatment.  Edgy and feminine at the same time.  The gray color gives it a cute  ironic twist as the look is very youthful.  Image via Creators of Desire.

Love Jenny McCarthy's new 'do.  Love the dipping color effect.  Via Google images.

Ah Kate.  You just get better and better with time.  Kate Winslet looks so fab in platinum blond.  The only reason my hair isn't platinum, is well..the maintenance.  Like I said, I'm a low maintenance kinda girl.  Via Google images.  Kate's one of my long-time girl crushes.  See previous posts about Kate here and here.

I want this color hair.  I am obsessed with pink hair (and have been since my college days, when I fell in love with Dale Bozio of the Missing Persons.  See previous post here). Your hair is just another extension of your canvas.  If you are like me, and can't get enough of pink hair, see my flickr gallery here and my pinterest board here.  Image via Pastel Locks.


Glasses are nothing to be ashamed of.  If you need them, have fun with them.  Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable.  I'd love to wear contacts, but can't.  Glasses are very expensive for me, so I've never been able to afford to have multiple pairs to change as fashion statements.  That may change since I discovered Zenni Optical!  So excited!  I'm thinking about ordering the Drew Carey type frames that I wore in the 80s.  So comfortable.  I love looking like a sexy librarian.  Demure and refined, and then a tiger when she lets her hair down.  And don't believe the old adage that men don't make passes at girls with glasses.  I'm here to tell you, it's not true!  Men like all kinds of women.  Especially ones who are comfortable with themselves.  Image Carice van Houten via Fuck Yeah Hot Actress.

Go big, bold and dramatic with your jewelry!  You only need a couple of pieces, but nothing polishes a simple, geometric look like a large piece.  I am especially addicted to costume jewelry because it helps me stretch my very small wardrobe.
I'm an advocate of the low maintenance, imperfect chic look.  I adore this blouse.  The imperfect hem is the perfect foil to potential perfection of this shirt.  There are several things I refuse to do ever again in my life, having done them for so many years.  One is:  ironing!  I will never ever iron again!  There I said it.  I hate ironing!  Always have.  I ironed clothes for about 30 years during my nightmarish stint in corporate America.  Never again!  I have learned to embrace and even love wrinkles.  Two:  I will never ever wear those torture devices -  also known as pantyhose - again!  Ah, getting to know yourself and being comfortable with who you are is such freedom.  Don't get me wrong, if you like to iron, have at it.  And can we make appointment for you to come iron my sheets?  LOL!  The point is to do what makes you feel comfortable, don't worry what any one else thinks.  You can be cute, but you don't have to be in pain to do so.  That was a long hard lesson for me.  Wish I'd learned it sooner.

In fact, the girl who is comfortable is her own skin and comfy/casual is far sexier than the high maintenance woman.  Have fun, but don't take yourself too seriously either.  An air of mystery, and a sense of effortless beauty are very sexy.  Above two images Kaliyana via Closet Rivalry.

Oh gosh, here is another obsession of mine.  Clutch bags.  So cute.  I especially love vintage, beaded and Lucite ones.  They look great dressed up or down.  So easy and effortless.  Just pop in a few things, i.e, license, keys, phone, lipstick and go!  I gotta be careful here.  This could become a problem for me.  I could easily own tons of them and I am trying to control my consumption.  Ah, I've said it many times.  I'm such a good consumer, just not a very good capitalist.  Image source unknown.  My bad.

These days I'm all about comfort.  If something is uncomfortable or hurts, I'm not gonna wear it.  One of my favorite looks is dressed up jeans.  They look adorable dressed up with funky jewelry, a pair of dressy shoes, a jacket or a hat.
And provide just the right amount of edgy femininity.  These yellow pumps are a nice whimsical touch with this outfit and look so fab with no socks!  Socks is another thing I hate (unless they are the cute, lacy ankle variety).  And dig that bag.  I love over sized messenger bags and have been on the hunt for one for a long time.  I really love the design of man purses and have bought them for my own use.  I really need a camo bag.  Ok, in fairness, I want one.  I can probably live without it.  :)
This lady looks cute enough to go to the office and then to dinner and drinks.  Love the silver pumps and the jacket.  Cute business casual look.

Gray is my new favorite color!  I want a whole wardrobe in gray t-shirt fabric.  This lovely lady looks smashing in her simple, comfy gray dress, statement necklace, and sandals.  Notice those cute toenails.  Ahh, nail polish in funky colors.  One of my favorite, affordable girly luxuries.  Oh gosh.  I hate being such a bad blogger.  Can't remember where I got the above three images.  Will investigate and update.


I've been wanting to do a shout out to Gabi of GabiFresh for a while, so this seems as good a place as any.  Gabi is well...totally fabulous.  Ha!  Thought I was going to say Fresh, didn't you?  Well she's that too.  Check out her website.  She's got great style.  I love this dress with the tights and those shoes - to die for!  Love the clutch, the hair and I need those specs!  Gabi, you go girl.  Thanks for always being an inspiration.

Emma Stone via Google Images

One last word about hair color.  I finally got off my butt and colored my hair.  I had been putting it off for quite a while.  My hair is naturally blond, but sometimes nature needs a little help from science. I dearly love platinum hair, but am unable to maintain it.  I also like my hair to look healthy and prefer dimensional color.  Most blond hair dyes make my hair too yellow, so I experimented with an ash blond yesterday.  Here, the fabulous Emma Stone shows that ash blond looks great with pink lips.  Here is a bonus treat for my loyal readers, since I love ya'll so much.  I am working on some glamour shots tomorrow to show you my new hair color.  I'm sure I will be doing bold pink lips.  I won't look as cute as Emma, but hey, like I said we are each fabulous in our own way.  Please see my post below if interested in the shit I was thinking about before posting all this fabulous beauty.  

And what about you dear readers, what are you wearing this weekend?  Send me a pic if you'd like and perhaps I will feature you here on this blog. Whatever you wear, I know you will be fabulous.   Thanks for reading!  xo

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