Friday, June 28, 2013


Hello dear readers!  Thank you for the outpouring of love I received for my previous post.  It was a heart wrenching one.  There are many more of those to come, but I am wondering how much to put on my blog. Please leave comments if you want to continue to read more about my life.  I'm not looking for pity or sympathy, but merely want to help empower others.

Over the next few days, we will have some fun.  Don't want to get into deep shit all the time, want to have some fun too!  But want to remind people that sometimes someone as fabulous as me, has come from a difficult past.  I am working on a particularly shocking chapter in my book right now, and think it perhaps is too much for this blog.

Couple of other announcements.  I hope to upgrade my about tab in the next couple of days.  Also, hoping to update my portfolio.  Also, I am adding a reading list tab.  I spent the first half of my life reading.  Now I'm spending the second half of my life experiencing and putting into practice what I've read.  If you're interested in how I formed my philosophy, you will be able to check my reading list.  I was a voracious reader, read everything.  Now that I am vision impaired, I don't read nearly as much.  I've been criticized severely for being "book smart" and not "street smart."  What crap.  I worked downtown Cleveland for over 20 years.  Rode the metropolitan bus and now live in the ghetto.  I'm a perfect combo of book and street smarts.  My strength and sensitivity are often intimidating to others, but that's crap too. No one should be intimidated by another. Ever. I am a humble servant, what is mine is yours.  And just because I am fabulous, does not mean that you're not fabulous.  Indeed, each of us is fabulous in our own way.  God don't make no junk.

Okay, enough words!  Let's have some fun!  TGIF!  xo


Elena Kubetin said...

Am looking forward to the book list!!

Peggy said...

Elena! Thanks for reading and commenting! xo


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