Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Your DJ for Your Saturday

Hi everyone!  I'm back from my mini vacay (due to various allergies) sooner than I thought.  But it's all good.      This is the kind of Ohio day where I have to stay indoors and hydrated.  I'm already pale skinned and sensitive to the sun.  Also pale of eyes, and can't take the risk of further tumors to my eyes.  So, it's sun block, huge hat, huge dark shades for me.  And's still too freaking hot.  People make fun of me.  They call me a vampire.  But, as you know, the part of my life where I give a shit about what people think of me is long past gone.  I love gray, misty, rainy, cool, breezy weather.  I miss Lake Erie.  I dream of moving to Seattle and living on a house boat.....or Portland.

If I'm a vampire, then so be it.  I tell you what, I'm a fabulous vampire.  Cuz, guess what.  God don't make no junk.  So I'm stuck in the house.  Cleaning.  It's all good.  I love my pad and I love keeping it clean and organized.  It's a humble, little, noisy place.  But I love it.

For my Saturday cleaning, I need music.  I'm singing and dancing around the place.  If you're stuck inside because of the heat too, just make the best of it.  Don't complain about the weather.  Clean your closet.  Clean that cabinet you've been putting off.  Or organize your daughter's tons of hair bows.  Color code them and put them in a cute container.  The possibilities are endless and so satisfying!  And remember to turn up the music loud.

Sing your guts out and shake that thang.  No such thing as a bootie that's too big...or too small.  You're fabulous in your own way.  Here's some music to help you get started.  Sorry for the hot-linking, I know that's obnoxious. media player is fucking up again!  Right now I don't have the time to fool with it.  Last time it took me two days to figure it out.  I was without internet for two days and thought I would die.    Shameful, I know but I'm writing a book and my PC is everything.  Please let me know if you have any tips on fixing my media player.  Programming and such is my least favorite part of blogging!

Here's some music:

Joan Osborne, One of Us - a reminder to treat everyone with love, because we are all God

Melissa Etheridge, I'm the Only One - ladies, play this one for your man if you love him.  But only if you really love him and want him.  Pay attention to those lyrics.  Also, remember, your dude is not your best girlfriend. That's why you need your girls too, it's not fair to expect him to be everything to you - that's too much pressure.  But.  He does need to man up and treat you right.  You're so worth it.  If he can't take you at your worst (i.e., stupid female brain and emotion, it's a blessing and a curse) then he doesn't deserve you at your best.  Cuz when a woman's good.  She's damn good.

Which brings me to the Divine Ms. M!

Bette Midler, When a Man Loves a Woman - if you love your man, and he can take Melissa play this for him.  Here's how to man up.  This is how you love a woman.  And no one tells that shit like Ms. M!  You go girl!

Hey, if you're not in love, or you don't have a man, don't despair.  Turn up these ladies anyway.  I guarantee you will feel empowered.  Women are strong, fabulous beings.

More music ahead, my loves.  xo

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