Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Humble Little Apartment

Good morning, dear readers!  I love my apartment, as you know.  I spent some time cleaning, rearranging and organizing yesterday.  My favorite thing!  As much as I dream of zipping around the country in a little trailer, I wonder....I dearly love my little place.  Nesting is my favorite thing.  I know, I'm lame like that.  But my personal space is important to me.  Virginia Woolf was so right.  A woman needs a room of her own in order to be creative.  My apartment is my lab.  It's where I experiment with color, texture and geometry.  I want it to be beautiful, but simple.  I want it to be girly, but edgy.  I want to flirt with minimalism.  Here's a few more pics of my humble, little abode.

 New ottoman.  Love it!  Wish a new rug was in the budget.  Oh well.

Angle from my kitchen.  I can hear Genevieve Gorder's voice in my ear about that red peeking out on the corner.  Oh well, I'm not auditioning for a TV show, so I don't have to be perfect.  I have to cover my lovely little Danish sofa, because its fabric is so itchy.  But it's fun, I can change colors on a whim and I don't have to worry about spills.  In the near future I hope to experiment with a pale blue cover, and a gray cover.  As you know gray is my latest favorite color.  One of my favorite color schemes right now is gray, pink, yellow and lots of white.  Painting by Dee Adams.

I moved my other little ottoman under the counter.  Ah.  Rentals.  I hate carpet and I want to paint the walls. At least, I can bring color into my accessories.  I'm kind of shocking my family with my love of ultra bright, saturated and neon colors.  For years I did white on white.  Painting by Peggy.  One of my favs.

Here's a view of the open kitchen.  Why do builders use such bland cabinetry and tile? Oh well, at least this cabinetry is simple.  I'd love to paint it white.  Again - rental.  My next place will be a place I'm allowed to paint.  Want to do a gray accent wall and white floors and cabinets!  Photo over sink by my sister-in-law.  Shot of graffiti taken in Japan.

I'd love to take the doors off the middle cabinets.  I have a cute collection of white dishes and teapots I'd love to display.

Some accessories in the kitchen.  I showed you my lovely new ASA Selection tea set below.  I decided to put the architectural remnant behind the set because it didn't pop enough on the brown counter.  Couple of cute glass pieces in the corner.  The yellow one is from a vintage lamp, I got it for $1.00 at a thrift shop.  I love it.

Here's a little view of my corner where I have my Dale Chihuly-inspired glass garden.  And here's a peek at my balcony, which I have finally committed to decorating.  I need to find a chaise lounge on the cheap.

Evening view of my little corner.  I love my new red bulb in my lantern!

Corner of my patio during the day, and romantic evening shot.  I love the solar lamp!

My little bookcase where I display my current favorite ceramic pieces.  Thinking about painting it white.  Any opinions on that, dear readers?  My scarf collection hangs on the bedroom door.

The bedroom needs a lot of work, but here's a little peek.  The closets in this place are so tiny, I've had to use part of the bedroom for storage of  my paintings.  I prefer a bedroom to be monastic in nature.  Nothing in the room but a bed, and maybe a lamp.  IMHO, the bedroom has only two functions: sleeping and lovemaking.  It should be a peaceful place, where nothing interferes with either of those activities. No work area, no TV in the bedroom.  I worry that my paintings could be causing my insomnia, they are energetic in nature. Luckily, however, my pile of paintings has been dwindling. I've been giving a lot of my pieces away, I'm trying to make room for new art.

I always feel a little squeamish when I see bathroom photos.  The bathroom is such a private room, and I prefer it to be highly functional.  Mine's not pretty.  The tile and tub need some work.  But it's not horrible either.  I don't want to put the money (or effort into it).  The water pressure is absolutely fabulous, though!  Such a luxury.  And because there should always be beautiful things to look at, here are a couple pieces of art in the bathroom.  Flower pot from dollar store, painting by Peggy.

One of my favorite paintings (by me) in my entryway.  I'd love to have a little dresser to serve as a landing strip in the entry way.  I feel so greedy sometimes, because I am always thinking of things I'd like to have for my apartment - yet I also want simplicity.  I'd like to have a pretty screen to hide my fridge.  I love my open floor plan, but I hate looking at the fridge from my sofa.  Trying not to buy anything large right now (which is easy because I don't have any money).  Not sure where I'm going to end up next.  I love rain and cool weather, and need to be around artists.  So maybe Seattle....or Portland....

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Jessie said...

I really want to visit Portland. I don't know if I can afford to live there but I would probably love anywhere in Oregon. :) Your bookcase would be cute white or any color! It's adorable. Yellow would be fun!


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