Monday, June 3, 2013

Procrastination...or....Humans Sure Make Beautiful Things

Hello dear readers.  The procrastination bug bit me hard today.  For the moment I am not interested in the chapters I have been writing.  I am working on a particularly difficult chapter on non-violence.  I am plagued with feeling helpless, yet I also feel arrogant.  I want to end violence, but who am I?    I am also working on a series regarding simple living.  Perhaps it is the lack of caffeine in my brain cells, but these topics are not flowing today.  It's not often that I don't have words easily spilling onto the page.  This is a sign that these topics require intensive prayer and meditation.

So why don't we be gentle with ourselves this week and focus, instead, on beauty.  Some would say beauty, art and design are superficial.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, art and design make the world a better place. They serve as an important reminder.  Yes, humans do some terrible, incomprehensible things.  But humans also do some amazing things.  Humans are capable of great kindness and extraordinary beauty.  When I need to cheer myself up, I think of color.  I am especially attracted to neon and fluorescents.  A great place to get a fix is Etsy.  Here are some things I find strikingly beautiful today.  Hope you enjoy!

I think I need these pillows.  El Rancho Relaxo.

Beautiful table runner from Wolf Textile.  Succulent sculpture from Waterstone Succulents.

Candle holder from Shade on Shape (cool name!).  Vintage Japanese trapezoid plate from Atomic Caravan.

Divine vintage headdress from Willow Moone.  Fab abstract painting by Christina B Studio.

Yep, I told you the procrastination bug has a mean grip on me today.  I just had to play with the Christina B painting.  Here it is in the previous incarnation of my living room.  Love it.

Hmm.  While I'm at it, might as well play with the fab pillows by El Rancho Relaxo.  Here they are in the current incarnation of my living room.  Love 'em.  I'm craving orange.  Why don't we have some fun with color for the next couple of days?  Thinking about color always cheers me up.

As always, please contact me if you make an Etsy purchase as a result of this post.  I like to make sure artists are properly credited for their work!  Thanks!  xo

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Jessie said...

You are so right about humans. I feel there is more good in the world then there is bad. You are also right about how it can be hard to write blog posts that are in depth. You really need to be in the right frame of mind,....or have the right amount of caffeine. ;)

I really adore those pillows! Such great pops of color. I feel like I've been in such a design slump for a while now. Lately though I've fallen in love with mid-century design all over again. I'm sure I will posting about it soon. :)


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