Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Art of Display

Hello dear readers!  So good to see you.  Sorry for yet another hiatus.  I've missed you.  Let's see where was I before this long hiatus?  That's right.  Obsessing about one of my favorite things.  Pottery!  As you know a collection of beautiful objects is only part of the equation.  Display is an art form of its own.  Display should be simple, and never compete with the objects.  And most importantly, clutter just won't do.  Here are some artful display ideas from my inspiration folder.  

Having a collection of beautiful objects is a delicate balance.  Display should be simple, leaving room for objects to breathe and not compete with each other.  Going vertical is a great idea in a small place.  Your collection can have a lot of impact without using a large footprint.  Grouping like objects, such is shown on the left, makes an impact and still remains simple.  Image Jarlath Mellett.

Sometimes a display case is so beautiful it can stand on its own.  This beautiful case creates an airy entry way into the space.  It's not empty, but rather full of potential.  Harper and Caleb's Sophisticated Southern Gem via Apartment Therapy.
Ethnic items are gorgeous against this white back drop.  Notice how objects are allowed to breathe.  Negative space is as important as the objects.  Keeping all the objects neutral provides impact and remains simple.  Jen Fong Photography.

Vertical built-ins look great in this cozy corner.   There's plenty of storage here too, making this a great solution for a small space.  Image Natasja Molenaar.

I love these crates so much.  I'd like to experiment with some painted crates for display of my own pottery collection.  To see more fabulous crates, see my previous posts here and here.  Image Lotta Agaton via Agent Bauer.

I love utilitarian looking display.  This display is unobtrusive, so objects take center stage.  Again, leaving negative space is very important so objects have room to breathe.  Image est magazine.

One of my favorite types of display, is the all white display.  Objects are multi-shaped but unified by the crisp white.  I love this.  Image Mark Gregory Peters.

I adore open shelving in the kitchen.  And check those teak dishes on the counter!  Gorgeous.

Images reader Lucy's home via Desire to Inspire.

Vertical display boxes work great in the kitchen.  Image Love Nordic Design.

Horizontal display can be done skillfully as well.  It should also be simple, not too much.  This beautiful room remains serene because objects of simple shape and like textures are grouped together.  Image Welcome Beyond

Yet another fine example of horizontal display.  I adore the all white palette with just a couple small pops of orange.  Orange is a color that is only needed in small doses, and makes such a large impact.  Sorry, image source unknown.  Please contact me if you know the source of this image.


Jessie said...

I would love to do a crate display someday. I like the hung on the wall also. It's funny, now that I look for them at antique stores I never see them. lol

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I'm having some problems with displaying my stuff in my new living room. Something doesn't feel right.

I love the all white one too.


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