Friday, March 30, 2012

New Apartment

Here's a first look at my new apartment.  It's humble and small, and I love it!  I love it more than any where I've lived in a long while.  After years of living in old buildings, I have a new appreciation for clean and modern.

I love that the apartment has a little entry way.  I have one of my paintings hanging there.  The air conditioner is an eye sore, but thank God it's there.  It's a necessity.  I've actually used it already!  Who would have thought it would be 87 degrees in March!

Here's the living room, proudly displaying my Dee Adams painting. My stuff fit perfectly!  There is nothing new here.  I'd love to have a new  lamp where my moon lamp is.  I can see the lamp in my head:  oversized, mid-century, Danish-inspired, turquoise....I hope to find it at a flea market this summer!  I have an oversized ottoman that I am currently recovering and hope to show you soon.

I love the hanging lantern!  I might add a couple more at staggered lengths.  I also love the deck.  There's a tree right outside my window which will provide great shade and privacy once it blooms.  What a blessing!

I have part of my rock collection on my end table.

Here's the view to the entry way from the sofa.  Not really a fan of carpet, but I like that this carpet is neutral and unobtrusive.  It's great to walk around unselfconsciously.  I prefer wood floors, but everywhere I've lived the floors creaked.  The building is so quiet it's wonderful.  I can't hear cars, sirens, buses, planes, helicopters or trains (like I could at my previous place)!
As you know, I purged a great deal and went with a simple aesthetic, all though colorful.  Wish I could paint the walls!  Here is a view of the island separating the living room from the kitchen.  I love it!  It's so cute and efficient.  This is by far the most efficient kitchen I've ever had.  I'd like to get a couple of cute stools to put by the island.
Here's a view from my living area to the kitchen.  Cupboards are pretty generic, but at least they are clean and new, and there are a lot of them.  I'm able to store computer, art and photography supplies in them.  That's a lucky thing because my closets are teeny tiny!  I love my Urban Outfitters rug there.  I bought this rug sometime ago and thought it had been a mistake.  It didn't fit in my last apartment, but it's perfect here.
I wish I could paint the cupboards and take the doors off.  But it's a rental.  I'm really pleased with this apartment.  There are all kinds of little luxuries.  There are plenty of outlets, which is a blessing.  There's actually an outlet for my blow dryer in the bathroom and medicine cabinet!  Two luxuries I have been without for a long time.  There's on site laundry.  And, thank God I don't have to walk up three flights of stairs anymore!  But the best part is the simplicity.  It only takes me 10-15 minutes to clean the whole place!

The bedroom needs a little work, so I'll show that to you at a later date.  As you know, my place is always a work in progress.  Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a great weekend.  xxoo


kim. said...

Your new pad is looking great Peggy!

Peggy said...

Thanks Kim!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Oh Peggy, that is fab! I love it! That apartment is perfect for you! I know what you mean about appreciating something new and clean. Your stuff looks great in there.

Where's your food if you have all your art supplies and photography in the kitchen cabinets? lol

I also have a rock collection and it's on a table in my living room. I also have a turquoise lamp. Though it's retro, I don't think it's exactly the style you have in mind but I'll be posting a picture soon.

I hope you have many happy times in your new place!

Lakia Shaffer said...

The color in your apartment shows how bubbly your personality is! Let me guess, you favorite color is pink, right? I honestly love all your decors, very inspiring indeed!

tobto said...

Congrats! Awesome nice space. Hope you will get tons of inspiration soon)


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