Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Design Overload, Part II: Color Inspiration

So many choices.  How does one decide which colors to use when decorating when they are in love with color?  I think the key must is to trust our instincts, do what we like and let our place evolve and change.  Here are more of my ramblings on color.  As you know, any color scheme I contemplate has large amounts of pink.  Pink and yellow is one of my favorite color schemes.

Did you see the cover of the recent Inside Out?  It's gorgeous!  I wish I had seen the magazine.  I love these colors.  So happy and full of energy.

Ya'll know that Nicki Minaj is the shit right now.  Here she is rocking a pink wig with yellow lipstick.  Too fab.

Or how about pink and orange?  Also fun and energetic.  Love this color blocked frock from Forever 21.

Or how about yellow, orange and pink?  This sporty little dress shows it works.  This dress is so cute it could be a painting!  Sorry, I don't remember where I found the image.  I know it's from an Etsy shop.  Please contact me if you know the designer of this dress.

I love yellow with turquoise.  Love the lamp in this picture.  But I think those pillows should be replaced with hot pink ones. Bethany and Joshua's Calming Lake View via Apartment Therapy.

See how great hot pink pillows look with blue?  Love the blue sofa, with the hot pink pillows, organic table and gray ceiling and Moroccan-inspired lanterns.  Cool updated mid-century look.  Spearmint Decor via My Mod Style.

This hot pink chair looks great with the gray walls.  Wish I could paint my walls gray!  Image via Craig Wall.  Anyone know the designer of that fab hot pink chair?
Omigosh - did you know the Vago chair now comes in hot pink?  It's so affordable too!  I need two of these for my deck.  I've said it a million times.  Why isn't there an Ikea locally?

I never tire of pink walls!  Love this gorgeous room!  It's divine!  I adore the combination of the pink walls, white floor, orange bedding, pops of black and that fab spaghetti lamp.  The room was designed by Debi of Greener Pastures - A City Girl Goes Country for her teenage daughter.  Lucky girl!

A pop of hot pink looks great in this otherwise earthy neutral room.  Recognize that lamp?  (See previous post here.)  Image via est magazine.

Love this romantic room.  The gray walls and sofa look great with the hot pink pillows.  Image via Fey Handmade.  I also love mostly white rooms (especially with white floors) with pops of pink and black or gray.

Image via delikatissen.

Image via Frances Herrera.
Love these beautiful glass vases.  Image via Purple Area.  What's a girl to do when she's addicted to two (or three or four...) different color schemes?  Can all these colors be incorporated into a home that is chic, simple, minimal, modern, Asian, ethnic, Bohemian and Moroccan-influenced?  The key is loving what you have, having fun while decorating and maintaining a sense of balance. 

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I love color and I also love different styles. Every one of my rooms is completely different. I don't care! I just do it! If I like it, I do it! But I have to say, there is usually one element that is similar. I sway towards old and so there's old in every room.

I love that dark grey velvet sofa with the dark grey walls and pink pillows. The romantic room. Gorgeous.

Thanks for mentioning Kelly's room! It's a little better now. I dug out the footboard that goes with that headboard. It's an old hospital bed I think. I got that spaghetti lamp for 25 cents at a garage sale years ago! First my daughter Jamie used it in her room, which was turquoise. Now we have it in Kelly's room. What a good buy!


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