Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodbye attic apartment

Hello dear readers!  I am all moved!  I'm living in Akron in a small, simple, modern apartment.  I am really thrilled, and very, very grateful.  I am just about all unpacked and hope to show you my new place tomorrow. As you know, the last couple years have been a time of transition for me.  I lived in the attic apartment for almost a year and half.  Even though I moved things around a lot, I never really felt happy with it.  I've grown tired of old buildings with creaky floors, creaky windows, dust and bad plumbing.  As I cleaned my apartment, I continually thought about how I'd decorate my new place.  Simple, of course.  With lots of pink, of course.  And maybe some pops of yellow and black.

Here's my last photo of the living room in my attic apartment.  I was ruthless in my purging - I sold the two-tiered end table.  Stay tuned for lots of design inspiration and my new place.

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