Monday, March 26, 2012


Man I hate moving.  I just can't figure out why humans have so much stuff.  I've never been a pack rat or a hoarder.   I feel burdened by so much stuff.  I long for the minimal days of my youth, where everything I owned could be packed in my car.  I loved the freedom of feeling mobile, I could move on a moment's notice if I wanted to.  But I started accumulating.  And purging, trying desperately to keep the clutter at bay.  It's a constant balance.  A love of beautiful things, and a love of sparseness.  Even though I've been downsizing over the last couple of years, this time I was ruthless in my editing.  The place I am moving to is small.  And more than anything, I want simplicity.

As I said, I was ruthless in my editing.  I got rid of rugs, drapes, exercise equipment, most of my books, all the clothes that didn't fit, 90% of my pottery collection, furniture, my journals, tons of paper (where does it all come from?).  After getting rid of so much stuff, there was still so much left.  I am so sick of lugging my paintings around, I almost stopped at the dump to get rid of them.  My sister-in-law talked me out of it.

Ah, time to unpack.  Here's all the stuff in my new place.  Even though I still have a lot of work to do, it's a relief to be here.  I've lived in small places before, but I think this is the smallest.  I do love its layout, though.  Love the open kitchen.  Now the fun begins.  Time to decorate!


Jessie said...

I am sure you would of regretted getting rid of your paintings. I felt like crying when I read that!! It sucks moving, but you love to decorate and to decorate you need stuff. ;) Can't wait to see your place put together.

Peggy said...

Jessie, thank you for the kind comment. I'm so tired of lugging my paintings around, but I'm glad I moved them. I might be moving them again - to a show and hopefully they will sell so I won't have to move them again.


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