Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moving Pains

A home is a living breathing entity. Where ever I have lived, I have had a romance with my home. Indeed, it has been there to hug and cradle me in the worst of times, to celebrate in the best and to protect me. My personal space is very important to me, and I have loved every where I have lived. Each time I move, it is with great emotion. I am filled with conflicting emotion, sadness and loss over the place I am leaving and great optimism about the potential of a new place. I was only at the last place for six months. As you know, my brother - who has been my protector my whole life - took me in during a period of hardship. So not only will I miss the house, I will miss him.
Thank you big bro. I love you. And now the whole world knows it.

Images by Peggy

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