Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clothes Racks

In my search for a new apartment, I've looked at a lot of cool lofts. Unfortunately, none of them have been affordable. I saw some in bad neighborhoods and some that were raw, without bathrooms and closets. I can rough it, but living without a bathroom is probably going too far. But I could probably live without a closet. This led me to contemplate clothes racks. It might be cool to have your wardrobe completely visible. Maybe this would make it easier getting ready for work in the morning. I'd probably line up a couple of these babies, and I'm already in the habit of arranging my clothes by color.

I've featured this beautiful room in a post about bedroom inspiration. I love it. Even though the clothes are out in the open, the room reads as fresh and clean. Maybe this would inspire me to keep my clothes ironed. Image via Alvhem.

I love how this clothes rack has been spray painted to match the headboard.

I think clothes racks work when clothes patterns are kept to a minimum. This would be easy for me, as most of my clothes are black.

Love the utilitarian look of the rack and the polished steel chair juxtaposed with the more ornate white desk. I think the uses for these racks are endless. Perhaps you could hang your necklaces on one. Perhaps you could use one for hanging shoe organizers, or even in the kitchen to hang pans. Sometimes things are beautiful simply by virtue of their functionality.

I apologize that I don't have the sources for the above three pictures, probably Apartment Therapy.

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