Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alcove Inspiration, Part Two

Today I am obsessing about alcoves, among other things. I had a funny alcove in my last apartment where the murphy bed used to be. As I hunted through my archives for a picture of it, I was stunned by how many times my apartment changed over the years. It was literally my canvas. Probably no one cares, but I am glad I have a record of it. I know,- have OCD. My personal space has always been important to me.

Sorry for the poor photo, this is predigital and has been scanned. This is one of the first incarnations of my previous apartment. God, I loved that place. I f I were decorating this space today, I'd turn the alcove into something Hindu and Moroccan inspired, with an edge.
Tara McPherson's poster would work perfectly. It's edgy, spiritual, feminist and very sensual.

And this piece would fit perfectly. I was stunned to find this of all places - at the WalMart website! Proves that beauty can be found in even the most unlikeliest of places.

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