Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I could live here...

Dear readers, I've been looking at apartments lately and having sticker shock. I think $650-$700 for a small one bedroom is too expensive. Doesn't sound expensive to you? Well, add to that the cost of a garage - a must in the winter as Cleveland cops are horrible about giving tickets (and/or towing) for parking on the street in snow storms - $75.00. Then add to that about $200 for the robbers also known as East Ohio Gas, and your modest apartment is now close to $1000. The other day I looked at yet another disappointment. As I walked out of the building I saw this beauty across the street.

I could live here. When I saw it I had fantasies of getting rid of all my stuff. Parking this baby somewhere in the woods. Installing solar panels and getting off the grid. Growing my own food. But it's just .... a fantasy. Or is it?

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Nadine said...

I'm not sure about parking it n the forest...... lol. You'd get in trouble for that for sure: unless you hide REALLY well. :) However, I don't think that, with some thought, it's that unrealistic if you're on your own. A water tank, gas bottle, solar panel & generators are very accessable now. Plus you don't need a land line anymore for phone or internet.... it would look cool for sure! Hmmmm.... start googling for ideas! :)


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