Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moving, the Pains ... and the Joys

Dear readers, as you know I've been moving this week. This move has been so much work. When I moved to my brother's home six months ago it was pretty simple because I kept almost everything packed. Now I'm unpacking and trying to find a home for my stuff (of which I have too much).

I sold a bunch of things before moving. It was odd seeing my things displayed where I sold them. I wondered why I don't have a shop. That would be a great way to recycle. Even though I love beautiful things, I dream of having less. I hope to get this apartment arranged and to not rearrange or buy anything new for a long time. I want to enjoy what I have without needing more.

Even though I wanted a clean, modern apartment I fell in love with a quirky old attic apartment. I had to carry all this stuff up three flights of stairs.

It seemed endless. I didn't know where to start, so I made the very rational decision to start unpacking some of my toy collection. Playing with my toys always cheers me up. Did I mention that I have too much stuff?

I'm excited about turning my hallway into an art gallery. I put some of my favorite toys on hanging shelves. I'm not a very good DIYer so I had to let go of some of my perfectionistic tendencies while hanging these.

After selecting a few of my favs, I put the rest in storage. Storage. Such an odd concept, we store things because we have too much. Maybe I should get two more shelves so I can display my Pokemon collection.

Of course, even though I got rid of stuff, I still needed something new. I spied this fab table at a flea market and my sister-in-law got it for my birthday. My nephew helped with removing the legs so I could transport it.

The place has a lot of strange quirks I'll need to get used to. One is the crawl space. It was filthy and full of debris. Why is there always so much debris in an old place? I have a habit of throwing things away. The crawl space was full of broken blinds, used caulk tubes, various tins, dirty filters, etc. I took all that stuff out as quickly as I could, hoping not to see any spiders or mice. I didn't, thank goodness. After watching all the marvelous things the teams on Design on a Dime have made from reclaimed wood - I didn't have the heart to throw away all the miscellaneous wood pieces and just stacked them neatly in a corner. I need Spencer to make a custom piece to display my pottery.

The crawl space is now a storage area for some of my (too much) stuff. I feel like Bill Murphy in Groundhog Day. I only need to bump my head 100 more times before I learn not to bump my head.

The kitchen is by far my favorite room. It was the deck off of the kitchen that made me fall in love with this apartment. But there is an odd little alcove in there. The door on the right is completely non-functional. I'd like to remove the upper doors and paint the inside of the cupboard. This gives me something to procrastinate about.

Finally, a whole room complete. After a lot of work, it's starting to look like a home. I'll probably sleep for three days once it's done. Stay tuned for the big reveal.

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