Monday, March 16, 2009

Furniture is so over-rated

Below I wrote about my love of empty spaces. This weekend I finally cleaned my apartment. I moved all the furniture so I could clean the floors.

Whenever I do this, I sit with my cup of Colombian coffee and just stare at the empty room. And it's all I can do not to put my bookcase and table on the curb. I adore empty rooms. They are made for gliding and dancing. I miss the days of my youth when all I owned could be packed up in my little car. Somehow, all my things make my place seem - well - permanent.

Here's a secret. I ran out of steam when painting my apartment white. I probably won't finish until Memorial day weekend. It's odd though, I kind of like this little peek of what the walls used to be. Kind of like the clues I leave in my paintings. And, I am starting to love little quirky imperfections.

I love a great sofa and chair, but it's the accessories that make a room. And for me, accessories are the following: paintings, pottery and pillows. And, of course, a great lamp.

I could live in a room with an air mattress, as long as I had a groovy pillow, a vase, a painting and a lamp. There's something really sexy about being low to the ground. I think it would be cool to just prop a painting and pile the air mattress with pillows.

For spring, I am highly influenced by the color pink. But done in a soft way. I can't get Carolyn Quartermaine's ethereal abode out of my mind (see previous post here). Wish I could paint my floors white! While contemplating my empty room, I thought about silky pink pillows.

All above pillows from Ebay. I adore the pale pink pillow in the top left corner. I tried to order this pillow, and was very disappointed that I received a substitute from the owner without his permission.

I adore pink and brown. I've been wanting to do this color scheme for a while, so I took the plunge and bought the brown pillows I saw at Old Time Pottery.

100% silk and only $7.95 each. Score! I grew very tired of my turquoise curtains which had been inspired by by Matthew Williamson (see previous post). So I packed them away with my collection of textiles and bought these yummy pink curtains from Target.

They cast such a beautiful soft glow during the day. My mood is soft, open, simple. Stay tuned for the next incarnation of my apartment.

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