Sunday, March 1, 2009

I crave simplicity ..... and space

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wanted to start over? Sometimes I grow tired of having so many things and crave simplicity.

There is nothing more beautiful than a large, empty room. So full of possibilities. Wouldn't it be great to just accept the emptiness for what it is? Already full - of potential.

I just had to peek down the hall at the empty apartment. I couldn't resist gliding around these floors. I dreamed for a few moments. A vase there, a lamp there, a pillow - no wait stop! Why do we need so many things?

For now I just contemplated the open space. Ahhh. I'd like to move to a larger apartment. With a bedroom. This particular apartment is twice what I am paying, so it is not to be. That's okay, I'm no longer enamored with old buildings and their dust. I want clean and modern, with no trim. And large closets.

Finally, I started cleaning today. It's taken a long time to get up the energy to clean. I feel like open, serene and simple. I tire of the burden of too much stuff.


YHBHS said...

yes i know the dsesire for bigger spaces!

just stopped by today... visiting your blog fro the first time.

Biba said...

Gorgeous spaces. I completely relate, i often crave this and wish one day i have a house big enough to capture it... ;)


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